Worker Bees: Feminization

One of Lady Nera’s most profounded of fetishes is the Feminization of Men. In her opinion there is nothing more alluring than the masculine form encased in the most feminine of fabrics.
Dressing is one of the most indulged fetishes by men, but is still even today misunderstood by many.
Lady Nera will enocurage sissification and feminization to the maximum as it’s one of the most rewarding when a dresser finally finds and indulges in their inner female.

Lady Nera takes great pleasure in the following areas of Feminization:

Sissy – A Sissy adult baby in nappies is one of Lady Nera’s most adored in her hive.
Humiliation – Sissy’s do make the most amusing humiliation subjects for Lady Nera and the visitors to her hive.
Transformation – Lady Nera is highly experienced with both hair and make up.
Doll Fetish – Complete doll encasement is the ultimate in dramatic feminization.
Domestic Servitude – Lady Nera is always looking for the prettiest maids to maintain her hive.
Chastity – The best Sissy’s will sacrifice their manhood for their superior female.
Sissy Training – Lady Nera will ensure your inner female is trained to the highest of standards.
Lady Nera relys on her worker feminized bees to mantain her forever growing hive. Please contact her for details about Custom Video/Audio Content, DirectCam/Webcam Availability and Private feminization sessions.