Little Bees: ABDL

“Mummy Nera has changed me forever. She is sophisticated, beautiful, and knows exactly what is best for you, whether you like it or not. She will treat you as you deserve to be treated, even if it includes strict punishment, being put in nappies, and treated like the little boy she knows you truly are.” – Baby K, US.

ABDL and Age play is by far Mummy Nera’s greatest forte. Her insight into this niche and specialist fetish is vast, and forever growing. Mummy Nera’s approach particularly to Age Regression and Diaper Discipline has been named as some of the most authentic money can buy.
Mummy Nera has researched this fetish extensively and deeply. She is still endlessly discovering how this elusive fetish manifests within ABDL’s from a very young age and finds this complex niche fascinating.
Mummy Nera enjoys all aspects for ABDL and Ageplay fetish. These areas include:
Age Regression – Fall into the deepest of little space with Mummy Nera’s condescending regressive tone.

Diaper Discipline – Mummy Nera’s Diaper Discpline is strict, assertive and simply out of this world.
Petticoat Discipline – Mummy encourages her Sissy little bees to the fullest, with her most humiliating words.
Verbal Humiliation – Mummy Nera’s maturnal sarcasm is by the far the most embarrassing humiliation ever adminstered with a loving smile.
Diaper Fetish – Not into the AB side? Mummy Nera fully understands where AB stops and DL begins.
Domestic Discipline – Over the knee spanking? Mouth Soaping? Corner Time? Mummy Nera will be sure to use the strictest of Domestic Discipline.

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