Drones: The Mindless

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“Domina Nera knows exactly how to deal with “men” like me.  She decides what kind of slave you will be.  She may allow you to bow down, worship her, and pay tribute to her. She may decide you need to be put back in nappies and treated like a helpless little one, or she may treat you like the naughty, filthy dog you truly are.  Her femininity is divine.  You will find happiness and fulfillment as an obedient slave to a Superior Goddess.” – Anonymous

Now for the down right worthless rest of you.
Lady Nera takes enormous pleasure in humiliating the drones of her hive. The male bees evolved from unfertilized eggs missing their sting that wander aimlessly for a mere breath of the Queen Bees attention.

Cuckolds – The very bottom of The Queen Bee’s hive. The female form is your superior you will forced to understand sexually you are not worthy of any woman. The only attention you will recieve from your alpha is to be humilated for the worthless man you have become, with no escape from the confinement of your chastity device.
Chronic Masturbators – In Lady Nera’s opnion a chronic masturbator is the most unattractive of men, indulging endlessly in their own seflish gluttony. Lady Nera has many cures for such a creature in the way of playing mind twisting games. Let the cards and dice decide the fate of your orgasm.
Intox – Enter the vortex of Lady Nera’s most extreme intox sessions. Will your intox leave you on cloud nine, or trapped in a hideous nightmare of your own seflish indulgence.
Financial Domination – Money makes the world go round, but even more so for the pay pigs that crave attention from the ulitmate fin domme. You will spoil Lady Nera with the gifts she so rightfully deserves, and if instruction is not followed to the letter. Lady Nera is not afraid to cheat with the ultimate blackmail fantasies.
Masochists -No matter how your pain is adminstered by your superior female sadist. Lady Nera will find your suffering upmost amusing. Whether your spanked until heavily marked by Lady Nera’s hand, or the crueliest CBT. Your endless begging for mercy will only result in laughter.
The drones are useless to Lady Nera’s beautiful hive, but their must be a bottom to her cruel pecking order.

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