Darkest Pleasures of the Queen.

Lady Nera takes the most amount of pleasure in creating, producing and writing pure fetish content. If your fetish is not included in the following please contact Lady Nera for more details.
All aspects of Adult Baby/ABDL Fetish – Mummy Nera specialises in this area.
Looning –  Balloon Fetish
Humiliation/Humiliatrix – Humiliation is most definitely Lady Nera’s forte.
Foot Fetish/Foot Worship – Size 6, High arched. Beautifully pedicured and polished in a glossy shade of black.
Cross Dressing – Lady Nera has a soft spot for the masculine form in lingerie.
Intox Sessions – Enter the downward spiral of Lady Nera’s intox fantasy.
Giantess/Giantess Vore Fetish – Lady Nera didn’t see you there you are so tiny. You look good enough to eat.
Sissy/Feminization – An obedient sissy is the best kind.
Wool Fetish – Lady Nera has a quite a collection of beautiful vintage cardigans.
Financial Domination –  Your wallet belongs in the hands of your beloved Lady Nera.
Spanking/Domestic Punishment – Lady Nera has various ways of punishing to your limit.
Domestic Servitude – Lady Nera’s hive always needs maintaining by her maids and servants.
Training/Rule Sets – Strict training is at the heart of Lady Nera’s hive.
Emotional Sadism – Most practicing Dommes will not attempt this taboo fetish. Lady Nera thinks otherwise.