Above: A short example of a custom clip with a “Magic Control” theme.

Lady Nera’s creative and wild imagination is not only reflected through her clip stores. She can make your dreams come true with a superb range of bespoke fetish and BDSM content. Lady Nera’s strives to be a cut above the rest with a huge knowledge of a wide range of fetishes and using top of the range recording equipment, professional lighting and editng software.

This range includes:
Full HD Video – From the most domestic of scenes to the most far fetched fantasies. Allow your darkest dreams to come to life, edited to a very high standard and in beautiful HD.
Fees for video content start from: £150 (minimum length of 15 minutes)

Audio – From deep hypnosis to authentic stories. All recorded in crystal clear audio.
Fees for audio content start from: £75 (minimum length of 10 minutes)

Photo Sets – These can be as an added extra to a video clip for behind the scenes footage of your clip being created or stand alone as a bespoke photo set. All taken in stunning HD.
Fees start from: £10 per photo (minimum of 5 photos)

Used Personals – These are never stock piled to order. Only worn to your specification and include 3 HD photos of Lady Nera wearing your chosen item.
Used personal fees are on a quote to quote basis. Please ask for details.

Please Note: All custom pieces are solo preformances. Lady Nera does not cater for pornographic content in any of her work. This includes, nudity on her part and or sexual acts being preformed on herself or on others.


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