This Key

I remove the fine silver chain from around my neck. You catch a glimpse of the key glisten as I set the key on my dresser. You wished to serve me completely and with that came the ultimate scarifice. Your masculinity and of course your orgasm.
You have been in chastity for few weeks now. You are eager to please more and you have become more desperate for my attention but your loins are left ignored.
For now your key lays on my dresser, between bottles your favourite scents your beloved mistress wears. Your manhood continues to suffer for my amusement as I beckon you over.
I click my fingers and you know what is expected of you. You kneel before my feet, no eye contact. You present yourself to me, swollen in your cage. I lean forward to inspect.
I man handle you, tapping my long fingernails along the metal. You crave to feel the slightest touch from your mistress but she gives you nothing. I click my fingers twice giving permission for eye contact. I am impressed with your devotion and loyalty towards me giving you a smile to prove it.
You wonder if your mistress will give you the release you are so desperate for, but gives you another silent signal back to your corner. You crawl as instructed to the corner where you sleep.
Denied, but forever obedient to your superior.

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