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Minerva: The Goddess of Wisdom
Lady Nera is highly educated in all aspects of BDSM and fetish. She has over ten years experience as a lifestyle Dominatrix and understands the manifestion of fetishes and kinks. Lady Nera enjoys discovering what makes you tick to ensure your time with her is both equally authentic and out of this world.
She may be an “Alpha” female but Lady Nera is very professional, down to earth and extremely quick witted. Lady Nera is by no means your “average” domme.

Venus: The Goddess of Beauty
Lady Nera is not only highly sought after for her mind but also her beauty. She stands tall with a deep mediterranean complexion. Everything from her precisely cut hair to her darkest of brown eyes is captivatingly beautiful. Her curvaceous figure is that of the real feminine form, not of a porn actress, but do not be fooled by her beauty. Lady Nera is a silver tongued humiliatrix with a devillish smile that will weaken you at the knees.

Vesta: The Goddess of Motherhood
Lady Nera displays not only the strength of a dominant female but that of a mother. Specialising in ABDL and age play Mummy Nera is a domestic disciplinarian like no other. Able to switch from a strict humiliatrix to her caring maturnal side at the flick of a switch. Mummy Nera’s approach to Age play is deeply unique and takes pride to insure she can forfill any ABDL’s wildest dreams.


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